Gdańsk Medical University is one of the well known medical universities situated in Northern Poland. There are more than 1600 administrative steps who are currently engaged in the Gdańsk Medical University. The medical university was established on October 8, 1945. the university has been practicing medicine, teaching in medical and natural science which is monitored by the experts of their respective fields. As per the ranking of Perspektywy, Gdańsk Medical University is ranked among the top 10 Polish state universities. CurrentlyGdańsk Medical University is offering its quality education to over 6000 students out of which some of them are Ph.D. students, postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students. The university is also included under the International Research Agenda Program which is offered by the foundation of Polish science. Gdańsk Medical University also has a medical simulation center, students club association as well as model sports center for organizing several activities such as press conferences student, exchange programs and lots more.

Benefits of studying MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

Gdańsk Medical University or any other medical colleges or universities are globally recognized because of their high-quality education system. MBBS in Poland atGdańsk Medical University is extremely affordable especially for Indian students who are willing to study MBBS within Poland. Not only this but also Gdańsk Medical University has been continuously offering many golden opportunities to its students.

Accreditation and recognition of Gdańsk Medical University In Poland
The following are the organization which recognized vGdańsk Medical University:

  1. Medical council of India
  2. Ministry of Health and medical education, Iran
  3. Federation of medical education and research
  4. Medical council of Thailand
  5. Education commission for foreign medical students, USA

Gdańsk Medical University in Poland is also recognized as why many other reputed organisations. The students who complete their MBBS from Gdańsk Medical University can build an effective career when it's come to medical education. Moreover come such a huge amount in a private medical college for MBBS in India is extremely costly which not everyone can afford.

Why studying MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University In Poland is a good decision?

First and foremost taking MBBS admission in Gdańsk Medical University in Poland is extremely affordable for the Indian students. The student may even get admission for MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University without any sort of donation fees. JD study abroad also offers visa counseling check financial assistance documentation application submission at Gdańsk Medical University. The low-cost admission fees WHO and MCI approvals and easy admission procedure are the common factors to studying MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University. However, following are the other benefits to study MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University:

  1. English medium education
  2. Affordable education face
  3. Worldwide contacts
  4. The balance of better opportunities
  5. Freedom for thinking abilities
  6. Globally recognized degree
  7. Learning unique thoughts
  8. High-quality education
  9. No TOEFL or IELTS needed
  10. Included in world directory of medical colleges
  11. No donation required for English medium education
  12. University approved degree
  13. Enlarged perspective
  14. Universal stance
  15. Best teacher-student ratio
  16. Listed under the top 10 best academic universities in the country
  17. Ranked 2nd among medical universities in Poland for scientific effectiveness as well as publications.
  18. Use of modern technology

Scholarship provided at Gdańsk Medical University In Poland to study MBBS
The following are the scholarships offered by Gdańsk Medical University:

  1. Rector's scholarship
  2. Social scholarship
  3. Special scholarship for disabled
  4. Scholarship according to grants
  5. Minister's scholarship

Duration to study MBBS in Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

The overall duration to study MBBS in any polish medical university will take around six years which also include the benefits of FMGE as well as online coaching, completing with the mock test as well as consultation. The coaching for search examinations is provided in such a way that its subject is further divided into sub-topics to get the in-depth knowledge as well as the clarity of the subjects. The video lecture sessions provided by the reputed doctor who had earlier cracked search examination and blends the MBBS course with coaching.

Fees to Study MBBS In Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

Particulars Annual Fee
Fee in USD (approx) $ 12000
Fee in Indian Rupees (approx) Rs.8,40,000
Application Fees (approx) Rs.2,10,000
Total Rs.10,50,000

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Gdańsk Medical University In Poland
The following are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Gdańsk Medical University:

  1. The candidate should complete his or her standard 12th in the English medium language.
  2. The core subject in standard 12 should be physics chemistry and biology.
  3. He or she should have 8 credits which include lab works for both generals as well as organic biology.
  4. He or she should be fluent in the English language.

Faculties provided at Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

Faculty of medicine
  • The faculty of medicine provides medical training in clinical science and preclinical science for undergraduate students.
  • It also offers a provision for health science at the university clinical center and the clinical hospitals in the city.
  • It also conducts high-level scientific research activities that are approved by the ministry of higher education in Poland.
Faculty of pharmacy
  • The faculty of pharmacy provides a master course in laboratory medicine as well as medical analytics which offers high-quality education to enhance doctoral studies.
  • It also has post-graduate training centers, a medicinal plant garden,s and a virtual laboratory for providing training both practical and theoretical to implement the pharmacist's care system.
  • it provides specialization in hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical pharmacy, and industrial pharmacy which are recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland.
Faculty of health science
  • Faculty of health science provides training to the students in nursing, public health, environmental health physiotherapy, and health psychology.
  • It has tie-ups with the universities of the USA, Sweden, France, Portugal, and lots more which constantly aim to improve the quality of education and its educational programs.

Admission procedure to study MBBS at Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

Documents required for registration
To get yourself first you need to provide the scanned copy of the following documents:
  • Marksheet of class 10th and 12th
  • Neet passing certificate
  • 6 passport size photographs
  • A valid passport copy
  • Birth certificate
Get the invitation letter

After you have sent us the documents, you will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of your application. If the application of a student is being accepted then he or she will be notified within 1 to 2 working days. Not only this but he or she will also be provided the admission confirmation within the same time frame.

Pay Enrolment Expenses

Once you have received the confirmation from the Gdańsk Medical University, you can proceed for the next step that is to pay your admission fee through net banking or any other payment methods.

Apply For The Visa

After getting the invitation letter from the university, you have to immediately apply for the visa because the visa process is very time taking.

Documents needed for the Visa
The following are the documents that are needed to be submitted while applying for Visa:
  • Invitation letter provided by the university
  • International passport having a minimum of 2 years of validity
  • High school certificates should be duly attested
  • Medical certificates to confirm that the student is fit and does not possess HIV/Aids or any other STDs.
Arrival in Russia

The student should pay the fees for the first year in advance before even arriving at Poland. Apart from this, they need to send us the flight details which will help our executive to receive them after the arrival. If a student does not inform us then he or she could be deported back to the home country by the immigration authorities.

Commencement of Classes

The student should bring his or her original documents as well as payment receipts of the first year. Also, it is mandatory for the student to register himself or herself at the university 3 days prior to the arrival. After the complete registration as well as the admission process, the university authorities will allow them to attend the classes. You have to ensure that you follow these things as per the deadline. Once you get admission at Gdańsk Medical University, you can depart from your home country in the 1st week of September itself.

Hostel Facilities to Study MBBS In Gdańsk Medical University In Poland

Gdańsk Medical University is one of the well-known education institutions in Poland which has joint accommodation facility. it has many dormitories among which the student can choose the rules as per their choice. All the rooms of the hostels are well furnished and well equipped which are very convenient to study.

So these are all the important things that you need to know before taking admission at Gdańsk Medical University. JD study abroad have an experienced team off abroad education consultant who can provide you a great direction to establish a bright career. if you are one who is willing to study in this medical university feel free to get in touch with us. Our team offers dedicated support and consultant to all our clients.